Media and Society I
Course Details Google Classroom
Videos Playlist A Fish in Water - Class Textbook
Chapter 1
Example of Crazy Connections Crazy Connections - 1st Team Task
Rules in the House Powerpoint Unit 2 - Kids and the Internet (Paper)
Unit 2 - Kids and the Internet Video Five Point from Lecture
Facebook Envy PowerPoint Unit 7 - Facebook Envy
Fake Facebook Page Unit 7 - Listening
Wiki PowerPoint Build a Wiki
Social Collaboration Weebly Web Editor
Wiki Feedback Form Our Class Wikis
HTML Explained Download Photo 1 2 3 4
Discuss Texting and Driving Driving Texting Test
Unit 3 - Texting while Driving Unit - 3 Listening
Ordering Slide - Flipped Classroom Unit 15 - Flipped Classroom
IV - Listening Flipped Classroom Business on the Internet
Our Crowdfunding Idea PowerPoint Kickstarter
Topics for the Final Project Powtoons Login Here
Text to Speech Website How to Upload your Final Project
Media and Society II
Course Details Google Classroom
  A Fish in Water - Class Textbook
Video Playlist II Videos for Task
Story v Narrative (PDF) Story v Narrative (Paper)
Narrative Differences Find Differences - My Example
Buzzwords PDF Homework Find Differences
Buzzwords - Video Buzzwords - Audio
Product Placement Video 1 Product Placement Video 2
Product Placement Video 3 Product Placement Video 4
Human or Robot Test 1 Unit 9 - Text Download
Will Robots Replace Humans? Unit 9 - Listening IV
PowerPoint - Human or Robots Cup of Tea Robot Task
Can robots take your job? Three Tasks
News Gathering Front Pages
News Template No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 New Gathering Simple Version
Design a Front Page Task Online and Print Newspapers
News Bottle and Green Newspapers Newspaper Video
Manga Messages (PDF) Manga Messages (Audio)
Running a Car Manga Messages (Video)
Unit 13 - Fuels Discussion on Fuels
Unit 13 - IV Listening on Fuels Your Ideas on Fuels
Culture - Japan and the West Describing Japanese Popular Culture
Movie Poster Examples Kyoai Movie Homework
Movie Poster Grid Photoshop Online
Kyoai Movie Poster Example Photo Test Man
Representation in the Media Faces Task 1
Photos for Task 1 Faces Task 2 - Homework
Knovio Sign Up How to use Knovio
YouCam Sign Up Videos on how to use Knovio
Using YouCam Software Topics for the Test