Media English I
Project One
Google Classroom
Mixing Closed and Open
Audacity Software Link
Music for Intros and Outros File Management
Radio Music Website Intros and Outros
Audacity Videos Good Interview Format
Project Two
Treatment Sheet 1.1 Storyboard Examples 1 2 3 4
Basic Camera Angles Storyboard Sheet 2.1
What paperwork do we need? Presentations


Media English II
Final Website Presentation Feedback Form
Google Classroom
Challenge Riddles
Web Expressions for Free
Hyperlinks and Folders My 1st Webpage
My 1st Webpage - Work Sheet
Photoshop Photos
Online Photoshop - Best One Animated Gifs
Heuristics Videos
More Examples - Work Sheet
Online Website Builders Smartphone Example Link
Adding Flash
Smartphone Example on GDrive SWiX Download
Flash Vortex
Tourism for Fun

Are you Hungry?

Power Records


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