E Spoken English I
Course Outline Google Classroom
Introduce your Classmate Gesture Game
At the Party Face to Face
Cosmetic Surgery Speech All Over the World (Music)
Crossword Airport At the Train Station
Airport Security Sandwich Time 2
Sandwich Time 1 Tourism in Japan P1
Sentence Order Restaurant
Directions Dialogue Directions
Meeting for the first time Freetalk to each other
UK v US v JP Spelling US and UK
UK v US Homework Jobs and Interviews
Jobs Guessing Game The Experience Game
Hotels Food Ordering
Something Stupid - Paper Something Stupid - Music
At the Doctors Sunburn
Weather Teams Weather Videos
Summer Test Information Quick Test One, Two, Three
 E Spoken English II
Course Details Google Classroom
Practice 3: Prepositions Cambodian Holiday
Live Forever (Music) Live Forever (Paper)
Guess My Horoscopes Horoscopes
Horoscope Speech Cooking
Cooking Videos Chukan Paper Test
Student A Numbers Student B Numbers
My Friend's Bedroom Bedroom Speech
Student Present Perfect Master Present Perfect
Country Speech Check In Game
Airport Timetable Dilemmas Game
Car Words The Best (Music)
Jobs Guessing Game The Experience Game
The Best (Paper) Tag - Pass it on
The Weather Let's Speak French
Final Test Information
Describing Pictures Game Where is he?
Seasons Change
Quick Test One, Two, Three
Saying NO
Dancing Queen (Music) Dancing Queen (Paper)
Money part 2