A2 Spoken English I
Course Outline
1st Interview
At the Party
Happy and Unhappy Times Describing the Face
Prepositions Game #1 Cosmetic Surgery
My Favourite Holiday Partner Have you ever Speech?
Clean Your Room Already, Yet Game #1
Airport Crossword Airport Timetable
The Gesture Game 1 Airport Security
Reported Speech Agree and Disagree
Mind Your Language
The Future Stereotypes
Comparative Phrases The Future with time clauses
Intro Music Profile Phrases
Wheel of Life (PowerPoint) Tic Tac Toe Game
Our Country Intro and Outro Phrases
Listening p. 36 - 2.39
Listening Unit 4.2
A2 Spoken English II
Course Details Google Classroom
Did you have a good summer? Horoscopes
  Horoscope Speech
Should, Have to, Must...etc. Advice Essay
The Future Future Time Clauses
Lost Book Ouch
Too Full No Idea
Surprise Scarf Trouble
Used to and Would Report Cards
ABC (Music) ABC (Paper)
Chukan Test Information Compare Two Items Speech
Yoga Positions India
Yoga Vocabulary
Introduction Listening
Tag - Pass it on Game
Final Semester Test Gesture Game 2
Test Advice Compare Present Perfects
Listening Homework 6.1 Body Listening Part 2
Body Listening Part 1
Christmas Essay
Examples of Graphs and Charts
Fashion Words